Letter to the Public


  Members of Claremont Colleges and the United States, You may have recently seen that President Donald J. Trump has claimed that our publishing establishment, The Golden Antlers, is fake news. We are truly saddened and hurt by these accusations, as we have done nothing but provide the truth, and only the truth, to all

CMC Student Drops Class So He Can Go to Coachella



 Claremont, CA Tuesday morning, CMC sophomore Benjamin Whalerson dropped his computer science elective, because it had a midterm and homework due the Monday after Weekend One of the Coachella Music Festival in April. Whalerson, who lives in Appleby, loves memes, and prefers buying Natural Ice beer instead of Natural Light because “the higher alcohol content

HMC Announces Plan to Eliminate All Non-CS Majors


 Here’s one school that won’t be beat. Fresh off the news that Harvey Mudd College (HMC) has fallen to third in terms of return on investment, HMC officials have announced a plan to claw its way back up to the top: eliminate all non-Computer Science (or “n-CS”)  majors. Though details are still preliminary, the initial

Networking 101: How to land that dream finance/consulting/Deloitte job on Career Day

and be more pretentious than that Jefferson Buckley guy


 Networking 101: How to land that dream finance/consulting/Deloitte job on Career Day.  Here are the tips and tricks the Golden Antler’s have compiled from years of experience on the job: Tip #1: Pocket squares. Tip #2: Sleep with Debbie the Consultant from Deloitte and/or Steve the Analyst from EY to demonstrate your “interpersonal skills.” Human