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5 Most Underrated Awesome Golden Antlers Posts of 2012


Remember the good ol’ days of The Golden Antlers when new posts garnered around 100 views, we had 50 likes on Facebook, and no one wanted to murder us?  Of course you don’t.  That’s because in 2012 we were underground, or “indie” if you will. In November of 2012 Pitchfork famously referred to us as, “so obscure we’ve never even heard of them.” Now we’re mainstream awesome status.  We’re the Kendrick Lamar of college satire websites.  Now that Golden Antlers staffers earn $24 per article and an average of 7,419 views per new post, we try to stay humble by reminding ourselves where we came from.  Here’s a list of the five best posts you missed because you had never heard of us:

1.  Collins’ Decision to Add Water Dispenser Heavily Protested by Students

– Ender Wiggin CMC ’15
2.  Former Dean Dick Vos Speaks at Athenaeum on Inflation

– David Leathers CMC ’15
3.  Claremont McKenna Petitions to Secede from the Consortium

– Haley Patoski CMC ’14
4.  Where are they now?: The prospie you lost at the party last Saturday.

– Dante Toppo CMC ’15
5.  CMC Art Initiative “Almost Definitely” a Front For Socialist Hippie Commune

– Clancy Tripp CMC ’15


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