5 Potentially Less Gross Alternatives to the 5C Challenge


Is the 5C challenge unspeakably appalling to your sense of love and all moral intuitions? Maybe it was too easy for you? (smh kids these days) Perhaps you just want another series of community-based challenges to kill the time you could use to start your next problem set or philosophy paper? Regardless of your reasons, the Golden Antlers has your back (and your stolen laptop), and presents you with a new set of challenges for all skill levels:

1. The 5Pee Challenge: Exactly what it sounds like. Nature pee on all 5 campuses. Honestly if you haven’t done this by the end of your first semester freshman year, you’re a fucking amateur.

2. The 5C Drop Challenge: Try to take advantage of the specialized focus of every campus before realizing that you aren’t a Computer Science major at Mudd for a reason, or that taking Japanese at Pomona for the sake of reading manga and becoming a host (read: prostitute) in Tokyo to pay off your college debt is not your best idea. While dropping a class at every school is a culturally enriching and humbling experience, this challenge is only recommended for those who intend to spend an extra couple years in Claremont.

3. The 5C Challenge, Faculty Version: definitely illegal, probably immoral, totally doable.

4. The 5C Club Challenge: join and actively undermine the interests and reputation of 5 separate clubs or campus organizations. One great strategy is to actively leak misrepresented or blatantly false information about the group to the Claremont Independent, which will almost certainly publish it without verification. If aiming for an institute, it’s best that you lie on your application to blend with other applicants.

5. The 5CampSec Challenge: get 5 campus safety officers to break campus policy with you, each on a different campus. Hint: Who can say no to a free blunt?

5.1 The 5CampSex Challenge:


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