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7 Reasons Why your First Pomona Tinder Hook Up is Actually the Love of Your Life


1. He Didn’t Care That You Go to Another 5C

If they are actually able to accept the fact that you don’t attend the 7th best liberal arts college in the nation, also known as the Ivy League of the west, then try to pursue him further. Any Pomona guy that is able to look past the fact that you go to a much inferior private liberal arts college and swipe right, has a heart of gold.

2. He Met You at the James Turrell Skyspace

After him inviting you over to his place, he asks if you know where Smiley is. And the truth is you’ve never explored Pomona’s campus because it’s at least 12 Claremont miles away from you at any given moment, so you have no idea where any of the buildings are. You decide tell him that the only place you know is “the building that has the water fountain and the ceiling that changes color haha.” If he responds with “cool I’ll meet you there,” you know he’s a keeper. Any guy that has the chivalry to meet you anywhere besides the front of his dorm should be cherished forever.

3. When You Guys Were Deciding What to “Netflix and Chill” to, You Realized That You Guys Watch All the Same Shows

Only one thing is actually better than finding a friend who watched Black Mirror, Twin Peaks, or Stranger Things, and that is when your Pomona tinder hook up has seen all the shows you have on Netflix. Let’s be real here, nothing is better than making out to an episode of Narcos on his twin xl.

4. He Sent You the Sweetest Messages After You Left the First Time You Met

Morning texts are the best, especially those from the people that you just hooked up with. If he sends you texts like, “Wow, you were amazing last night,” “We should hang out again, I had a great time,” or “You gave the best head I’ve ever gotten,” you know he’s the one.

5. He Shares the Same Political Views

It isn’t that hard to know what way Pomona students swing as they love to talk about the 50% of what they retained in the one politics course they took freshman year. Make sure to solidify his stance so you do not have to worry about accidentally marrying a libertarian/anarchist/donald trump’s lost son.

6. You Don’t Have to Stalk Him to Learn More About Him

Everyone knows Pomona kids love to talk about themselves, which means that it’s easier to get to know them. Within the first 10 minutes of meeting him, he will have told you pretty much everything they’ve accomplished in their life, including SAT score, their high school GPA, their blood type, and that internship for that mayor guy you don’t really know, but you say you do to avoid a long-winded speech. This is perfect since you won’t need to take the unnecessary time to stalk his linkedin and instagram before tying the knot.

7. You Didn’t Regret it in the Morning

This is the most important reason of all, as everyone has those hook ups that you 100% wish never happened the night before; but, if you wake up with your dignity somewhat still intact, then honestly marry him.








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