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Administration Releases New Hunting Guidelines for 2019 Prospie Season


This morning at 8 AM, the Dean of Students office at Claremont McKenna College released the 2019 rules and guidelines for this upcoming Open Prospie Season. This weekend marks the annual Prospectostudentante migration, a weekend long period where more than 500 Prospectostudentantes will trek through the consortium, grazing upon the natural resources of the land and huddle in flocks to avoid being attacked by their predators.

Due to last year’s open season debacle where one prospie was dragged through North Quad by their legs after being shot with a tranquilizer dart, the administration decided that they needed to set more strict rules in place. These new guidelines include a prohibition on using mint Juul pods or other treats to bait prospies to bear traps around campus, a requirement that any prospie name tags taken as trophies are returned to the admissions office, and a rule against lassoing prospies at a distance of less than 20 feet. The administration has also announced that all hunters must actually obey the catch and release policy this year, as previously there have been too many parent complaints of propsies being returned with missing toes after disappearing for an hour or two.

We here at the Golden Antlers hope you enjoy the 2019 Open Season and to hunt safely!


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