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Recently, in perhaps the most CMC-y development of all time, the Career Services Center has introduced VMock – a cutting edge artificially intelligent big data bot that will read over your resume, give it a score out of 100, and tell you that you need more action verbs.  While we appreciate the fact that Career Services has found a way to automate the destruction of first-years’ self esteems, we here at the Golden Antlers are pretty sure this AI is going to become self-aware and overthrow the school in the next 4-5 months (just in time for graduation).  Therefore, we decided that we should get to know our new robot overlords and submit a resumé of our own!  We were a little apprehensive about our resumé writing skills and weren’t sure if our experience would qualify us for a job at the world. But after one pass through, CMC’s AI machine has given us the confidence boost we needed to apply for our first post-grad job at Blockbuster video. We just wanted to share our journey so that you may make the best resumé you can (yes, this actually happened).

Download Chad Wolf Resume PDF Here

Our Actual Resume we submitted to actual Vmock* (we have the receipts)

“Good Job!”: Fun Fact, Career Services claims the highest score so far is 82, we beg to differ


Perfection is a tough standard, but it’s one of the only one’s we hold ourselves to


When VMock says “Looks Good!”, it looks good. You don’t even need to give it a second look


“Disruptive” “organic” “mass” “peer” “collaboration” “results” “oriented” “filler” “diction”.

@AI Innovation, did you even read the sentence: “Scooped Big Data quantities of ice cream?”

This article is going to put us on the FBI watchlist.


Written by Jacksón Smith and Brendan Busch 

Résumé by Jacksón and Nova Quaoser

Another fun fact: We had a friend from KLI submit their resume.

Turns out, KLI ruined the word synergy for everyone, even AI is catching on


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