An Apology Letter


Now that we are back from winter break and have started the new semester, I think that this is a time that we should all reflect on some mistakes we might have made over the break. Specifically, I know that many people have to interact with racist family members during the holidays and that potentially you might have done or said some things that may make future family gatherings a little awkward. I have prepared the below template as a letter you can send them to start the healing process.

Dear Aunt/Uncle (Insert name),

I would like to wholeheartedly apologize for my unacceptable and shameful behavior. I now realize that refusing to stop debating political issues at dinner did in fact ruin the holiday. For example, I should never have questioned you when you used an epithet to refer to (insert marginalized group) that has not been uttered since 1950 and hopefully never will be again. That isn’t all though because I am aware that my actions went further than that. I probably should not have snuck your MAGA hat into the turkey before it was put into the oven and then served it to you for dinner in lieu of actual food. 

Furthermore, other family members are pressuring me to apologize for luring you into the dog’s travel cage and attempting to mail you to the border to truly test your ideological beliefs. Next time I will forgo the mailing portion. Also, Aunt (insert an Aunt’s name) says I need to say sorry for lighting your pickup truck, complete with a stars and bars decal and truck nuts, on fire. I can now see that potentially the flames could have injured surrounding cars. I will take precautions to make sure that does not happen next Christmas.

Lastly, I would like to not apologize at all for holding my nephew hostage for three days until you promised to register as a Democrat and vote for (insert Democratic candidate). I still stand by this action and will continue to hold your dog hostage until you donate to (insert Democratic candidate) campaign.

Can’t wait to see you next Thanksgiving,


(Insert your name)


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