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Your Dorm Room Decorations Are Actually Really Problematic, and Here’s Why

The Official Guide For Scripps College Students


 Look, I get it. You want to take a cute pic of your newly decorated dorm and post it on the IG and show Bria from high school that you know how to decorate. But honestly, you can’t do that without really evaluating the real world implications of your decor. Your intentions might be good

LEAKED: CMC To Go Co-Ed in Fall of 2018


 Claremont McKenna College has been an only boys school since 1946, but 2018 marks a year of progress for the college. After heated debate, the Board of Trustees came to a landmark 30-29 decision— female students will finally be eligible to apply in the upcoming 2018-2019 school year. Board of Trustees member Jeff Gallagher ‘68

CMC Freshman Shocked to Discover God is Female Upon Accidentally Wandering Into Scripps Class


 Robbie Williams is thrilled to be studying at Claremont Mckenna after enduring four brutal years at one of New York City’s WORST $45,000/year private high-schools. After struggling through the rough streets of Manhattan, being forced to dine at five-star restaurants, and live in his parent’s $10,000/month apartment, Williams was dying to get out. “One of

Bay Area Student Files for International Status


 Pomona junior, Jenny Johnson, made waves on campus this week when she petitioned to change her residential status to international, although not actually coming from somewhere outside of the United States. Johnson actually traveled 400 miles to get to Claremont, as she proudly calls Marin County “home.” Feeling that SoCal and NorCal cannot be anymore

Welcome New Golden Antlers Hires!

@The Rose, ours are better than yours


 Earlier in the semester, the Rose sent out an email informing the entire student body about their recent hires. As this organization is of the highest caliber among groups at the Claremont Consortium, we decided here at the Golden Antlers, an equally high caliber group at the Claremont Consortium, that we should reply to their

Where the Fuck is Oldenborg?: A Pocket Guide for Seniors Who Still Don’t Know Where Things are After 3 Years


 I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve been here for so long already, after spending 3 years in Claremont, I know I can draw an exact map of each of the campuses and include the topography and geographical coordinates of important buildings on it.” But we all know that you spent too many nights crawling around

Letter to the Public


  Members of Claremont Colleges and the United States, You may have recently seen that President Donald J. Trump has claimed that our publishing establishment, The Golden Antlers, is fake news. We are truly saddened and hurt by these accusations, as we have done nothing but provide the truth, and only the truth, to all

LEAKED: New 5C Clubs

Join them all!


 The 13th of September marks the date of the Annual Turf dinner, where all clubs are forced to go recruit new members, despite being satisfied with the number of participants they already have. The Golden Antlers has gotten a sneak preview of what new clubs are going to be happening this year at the 5C’s.