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    Class Warfare Rages as Pomona’s Forbes Ranking Drops


     On July 5th, Pomona was hit with some dreadful news: no longer can the Sagehen community complain about what a massive burden it is to be “America’s #1 College.” Forbes recently released their 2016 college rankings, and Pomona is *gasp* SEVENTH on the list. Members of the school are understandably gutted: “I don’t know what […] More

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    If 5C Buildings Were Celebrities


     CMC Bubble Weight Room – Mel Gibson Could there be a less welcoming place on campus for female identifying students?     Seaman Hall – Adam Sandler May have been funny at one time, but now pretty much irrelevant    Kravis Center – Kanye West Thinks he is the shit, but, like, actually kind of is… much […] More