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    5C For Sale/For Free Hall of Fame


     Join Hiram Chodosh for a wet t-shirt contest – $100 Throughout time there have been countless sex symbols from Marilyn Monroe to our glorious leader Jacks√≤n, but none compare to the ever-dreamy Hiram Chodash. That is why it caused unprecedented pandamonium when he offered to join him onstage for a wet t-shirt contest. Though usually […] More

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    10 Year Reunion Slowly Devolves into AA Meeting


     It started as a joyous affair. Classmates embraced each other after years of occasionally liking each other’s Facebook posts of their shitty kids. Small talk commenced about how somebody got a nose job and about how somebody tried to friend someone on HANDSHAKE last week. The football game was a blur that nobody cared about. […] More

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    The Official Unofficial GA guide to a PERM


     Trying to get into that overfilled CS5 which already has 100+ PERMs? Fear not, the Golden Antlers has prepared a list of sure-fire strategies for pushing your PERM request to the top, especially for those persnickety¬†professors who say “sorry, the space can’t physically fit you” or “you’ve failed every prerequisite to my class.” Here they […] More