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    A Letter to TSL


     From the Golden Antlers Editorial Board: Dear Claremont community, Over the past several years, we have delighted in the opportunity to provide the community with campus-themed satire, quizzes, and humorous videos. It has been an honor and a privilege to make you all laugh over our half-baked jokes and stupid quips about life at the […] More

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    Course Offerings for SP2020 Registrar Forgot to Add


     With the Spring semester quickly approaching, every student at the Claremont colleges has only one thing on their mind: what classes are they going to take next semester. Last night, classes were released on the portal, however it seems that the registrar forgot to add classes that are being offered! We at The Golden Antlers […] More

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    TSL Op-ed: I Hate TV and So Should You


     By Alexander Chuckworth Davis III Newsflash America. There is nothing more telling of our moment in history than the popular entertainment and media that is consumed by the people. Future generations of Americans will look back on our era and judge us by what is on TV. And what is on TV these days? Pure […] More

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    Leaked TSL Opinion Piece: Rehashing yet Another Liberal Political Opinion Everyone on Campus Already Agrees With


     By Average Freshman Here’s what I think is a strong political opinion that everyone on campus already agrees with. This is an argument that literally no one thinks is controversial. I don’t need to be writing this article as it is about an issue that is already commonly discussed on campus and in our greater […] More

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    Oblivious Male in Feminist Film Class Reiterates “The Godfather is a Great Movie”


     “The Godfather is a great movie, in fact, it’s one of the best” lauded Pomona junior John Stevenson to his classmates. Stevenson, ignorant to his overwhelmingly female classmates in SC MS 150 Feminist Film Herstory, continued to celebrate the 1972 film saying it was a triumph for high-brow American film. His classmates, who all simultaneously […] More