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People Creating Dirty Google Docs and We Caught Them!

Screenshot Journalism, the only truthful tool left


 BREAKING NEWS: The Golden Antlers has just discovered a new journalistic tool dedicated to truth and excellence: Google Doc screenshotting. Here’s how it basically works: Step 1: we go to painfully great lengths to personally hijack someone’s Google account in the name of honesty. Some devious nabbers are difficult and keep their passwords secret so

Why We Trust The “Claremont Independent [sic]”

Claremont Independent Editorial, Claremont Independent-style


 Standing in solidarity with the Claremont Independent’s recent cry for help against our “censorious, bigoted, oversensitive ” “peers,” The Golden Antlers presents a letter delivered to us early this morning: From the Editorial Board Bros of the Claremont Independent: Dear closet conservatives hiding in Robert’s Pavilion and our beloved readers across the globe, there has