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    Anti Party-Regulation Bros Done Even Pretending to Care About Racism Now Spellman has Resigned


     The past few weeks at CMC have seen the formation of alliances between many groups of students. One unexpected alliance is that between the students of marginalized identities – who have legitimate grievances with the administration – and students of masculinized identities – whose grievances stem from only being allowed to play beer pong on almost […] More

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    Fun Alternatives to Racist Halloween Costumes:


     We get it, you’re not a racist. You just like to dress like one for Halloween. Whether it’s a “sexy squaw,” a “bootylicious bellydancer,” a “provocative persecuted population,” or that one white guy I met in the Hub last year who told me he was “70% Mexican” when I called him out on his racist […] More

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    Freshman Presidential Candidate Vows To ‘Make CMC Great Again’


     The Golden Antlers brings you the following CMC freshman presidential campaign speech: “Hi, everyone. You know my name and I am running to be your Freshman Class President. I know you’ve just heard from my colleagues, and they all had interesting things to say. Give it up for them. Ok, that’s enough. Stop clapping. I […] More