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    Commemorate the Patriarchy with CMC’s Retro Apparel Line


     Finally Claremont McKenna has answered the age-old question, “How can we say we hate having women at our school, but make sure we still get their tuition money?” To celebrate Claremont McKenna’s 75th anniversary, the CMC supply shop now features a “retro line” of clothing and accessories honoring the glorious and objectively putrid era before […] More

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    Worms Love Getting Eiffel Towered (We Checked). Who are We to Stop Them?


     Recently, the staff at the Golden Antlers has been exploring our deep love for worms. Our readers may have noticed an uptick in worm-related content. We can’t help it! We just looove worms – can’t get enough of them! Why, you ask? Because just like every single person on the staff of the Golden Antlers, […] More

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    Food for Worms: Five Recipes Even the Pickiest Worm Will Love


     We know you’re sick of hearing your worms shout for decaying roots and leaves every night for dinner, so we compiled some tried and true recipes to get your worms eating a variety of healthy foods.  Dirt.  That’s right, we’re talking a little topsoil action. Even your most fussy little worm can’t resist some nice, […] More

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    Oh No! You Did Acid and You’re Still Boring


     Everyone loves a good image rebrand, and you really needed it. That’s why we were all so excited when you posted thirty blurry pictures of the acid sheet on your tongue – so excited that no one wanted to tell you that’s not even how you do acid. However, reports are coming in that you’re […] More