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    Pitzer Grants Honorary Degrees to White House Staffers Fired for Smoking Weed


     CLAREMONT, CA —  Pitzer College issued a statement on April 20, 2021 at 4:27 am (they were busy until then) that the college will be granting honorary degrees to former White House staffers who were terminated due to the Biden administration’s policy on past marijuana use. The Golden Antlers has provided the full statement below.  […] More

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    Cracking Down: Pomona-Pitzer Athletics Announces “No TV for Two Weeks” for PP Football Player


     Over the last week, the Pomona-Pitzer Athletics Department has faced outcry from 5C athletics teams and community members over lack of decisive action against a Pomona-Pitzer football player whose discriminatory TikToks were circulated on social media last weekend. But just this morning, in what some are calling a “landmark win for accountability,” Pomona-Pitzer Athletics released […] More

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    Our Favorite Types of Voter Fraud, Ranked


     Ranking criteria: Efficiency (1-10), Creativity (1-10), Morality (1-10); Ranked from worst to best Please play responsibly. The Golden Antlers is not responsible for any voter fraud you may commit. Regular fraud: In this economy!? Efficacy: depends on who you ask Creativity: (0/10) Morality: (3/10) Overall: (1/10) Asking more foreign powers to meddle in the election: […] More

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    Thinking Inside The Box: Are Mimes The Future Of Virtual Learning?


     We’ve heard it time and again since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic: these are uncertain and unprecedented times. Now, months later, little has changed, and students across the country are struggling to adjust to the challenges posed by a completely virtual education system. But there’s one group of students who aren’t worried at all. […] More