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    CMC Trustee Finances Regime Changes in Central America to Impress Scripps Mistress


     The Golden Antlers recently obtained a number of declassified documents exposing illicit actions taken by a current Claremont Mckenna College trustee through a Freedom of Information Act request. The information contained in said documents is shocking: they reveal that Mr. Scrooge McDuckerson, during his senior year at CMC, financed clandestine operations in various Central American […] More

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    In Effort to Promote Diversity and Inclusion, CMC Organizes Student Hajj Around the Cube


     President Chodosh said in a note to the board of trustees on Friday that Claremont McKenna College is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion on campus by planning more events celebrating different identities and cultures. Chodosh mentioned that the college is very behind on its Strategic Plan (2002) of Diversity and Inclusion, and something had […] More