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    Save The Golden Antlers


     Dear Golden Antlers readers, It is with heavy hearts that we announce that the Golden Antlers is facing a serious threat of a total and complete shutdown. Since barely escaping shutdown six years ago, we have been excommunicated from the safety of the consortium governments. We’ve been gasping for air, barely surviving on thin ice.  […] More

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    Chopped: Collins Edition


     Four student chefs call on their culinary skills as they face off against one another to prepare a spectacular meal consisting of 3 mystery ingredients selected by the judges. Contestants will then face the dreaded “Chopping Block,” where a panel of four dining hall connoisseurs “chop” 3 students who fail to measure up in terms […] More

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    DataMatch is Coming to the 5Cs!


     Tinder got you down? Has rainy weather made you realize how lonely you are? Tired of thinking last Thursday’s TNC hookup was the one that got away? Say no more! The Golden Antlers has teamed up with the Harvard Computer Society (HCS) to bring a real and free match making service to the 5Cs this […] More

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    Kravis to Become White Resource Center


     Claremont McKenna College has an exciting announcement for the upcoming school year. When the CMC Class of 2019 (Crescit Cum Culis Civitas) walks onto campus in the fall— bright-eyed, pastel-adorned, and with winter internship applications in hand— they will be greeted by the best that liberal arts money can buy: crisp academic buildings, stellar motel/dorm […] More

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    Rate My Professor Gets A Makeover


     We know room draw gave you trust issues and crippling anxiety, but unfortunately it’s also time for your emotionally shattered self to choose next semester’s classes! What fun! You know your parents will pull you out of school, your significant other will dump you for being a failure at life, and you’ll never get the […] More

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    Introducing the Revolutionary New “I Didn’t Just Have Sex” Bag


     Ever wake up on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday morning (or really any morning for that matter, we won’t constrain you) and realize, “damn, this isn’t my room.” Then look over to your right or left and realize, “damn, that isn’t my roommate.” Or even more unsettling, “damn who’s that?” Well hopefully you usually know […] More

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    Frost: Definitely-Not-A-Drug-Reference EDM Party


     This past week ASCMC and associated students unveiled the most recent attempt to distance the yearly spring EDM party [formerly known as SpaceX, formerly known as White Party] from its reputation as a drug-fueled fuckup-ery.  The planning committee behind this year’s event announced the name for this year’s party: “Frost: A 5C EDM Event” which […] More

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    Off-Campus Studies Announces New ‘Study Abroad Seattle’ Option


     Claremont, CA Are you tired of being the only person in your group of friends not from Seattle? Does it upset you that you associate “Washington” with “D.C.” and not the state? Were those beautiful skies just a little too clear this morning? Have you always wanted to burst a lung screaming “Go Hawks!” and […] More

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    Mudd Seniors Vow to Redistribute Starting Salaries


     Harvey Mudd College is finally making good on its commitment to train “forward thinking scientists” who “have a clear understanding of their impact on society.” On Saturday, the Class of 2015 gathered around the fire pit at West Dorm and vowed together to take it upon themselves to end the vicious disease of Starting Salary […] More

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