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Breaking News: Harvey Mudd College Application 2013 – 2014 Leaked to The Golden Antlers


Now that all the Harvey Mudd hopefuls for the class of 2017 have received their admission decisions in the mail, Harvey Mudd College has decided to get a jump on next year’s admittance process.  As of Monday morning, HMC released the official 2013-14 Application for Admission exclusively to The Golden Antlers.  Class of 2018, get started!

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Here is the link to the PDF file of the application: HMC Application

– Clancy Tripp CMC ’15, concept by Charlie Montgomery CMC ’15, with partial joke brainstorming by Ender Wiggin CMC ’15, Dante Toppo CMC ’15, and Dixie Morrison PO ’15.  Also, props to the interwebz for the Schrödinger joke.


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    • Sorry, I got that wrong. It’s: “If a mole can dig a mole of holes, how many moles of holes can a mole of moles dig?” It was on my HS chemistry final, which happened before Woodstock, so, yes, I’m an old.


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