Breaking News: Pomona College Application 2013 – 2014 Leaked to The Golden Antlers


After several months of deliberation, Harvard University Pomona College Admissions Department releases their new student application for next year.

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– Haley Patoski CMC ’14, Pedro Salinas POM ’13, David Leathers CMC ’15, Dixie Morrison POM ’15, Clancy Tripp CMC ’15, Sam Pitcavage CMC ’15, Dante Toppo CMC ’15, Charlie Montgomery CMC ’15, and Will Hunt POM ’14.

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  1. pomona kid

    you compare us to brown/cornell/penn? how dare you, obviously we are way better than that

  2. Sagehens4lyfe47474

    Well done, I’m a Pomona student and this is hilarious

  3. Dan Evans

    The Infinite Jest joke was my favorite. I don’t think I’ve been in a Pomona dorm room that didn’t have a copy.

  4. toddi

    (imagine being said in a very conceited nasally voice)- “At Pah Moh Naaahhhh”…. (we have x y z)

    (choose all that apply or just the default)
    Nicer buildings, Better faculty, Better Food, Newer Dorms, more surface diversity,

    Default: Better everything

    -’13 PO grad