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Tour Guide Presents Best Campus Spots to Curl Up in Fetal Position, Cry


 After beginning his Tuesday afternoon tour by telling a generic joke about walking backwards and artfully skirting around questions on parties, drugs, and alcohol from parents by coughing really loudly and pretending he couldn’t hear them, third-year Pomona tour guide Jack Rodríguez cheerfully jumped right in by showing prospective students his favorite campus spots to

Pitzer Sophomore Preaches Amazing Health Benefits of Veganism, and Cocaine

The Body is a Ferrari, Super Cars Need Super Fuel


 *The Golden Antlers sat down with Pitzer sophomore Nico Moses, a self-proclaimed health and lifestyle guru, this week to discuss tips and tricks to maintaining a healthy lifestyle at the 5Cs* Golden Antlers: So, Nico, thank you so much for sitting down and talking about your lifestyle and choices with us. We understand that your