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    What Really Happened to Pitzer’s Lost $40,000


     The news that $40,000 recently vanished from the Pitzer College Student Senate budget at the end of last semester was recently broken by the The Student Life, to much outrage and confusion. However, while the TSL left this mystery very much open-ended, the incredible investigative minds at the Golden Antlers have pieced together a list […] More

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    Trump’s Criticism of the Harvey Mudd Nuclear Deal May Only Lead to More Nuclear Weapons


     This article was first published on Sept. 25. It has been updated to reflect President Trump’s announcement that he plans to decertify the Harvey Mudd nuclear agreement. The Trump administration faces an March. 15 deadline to certify to Congress that Harvey Mudd is complying with the terms of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action […] More

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    Grandparent Approved Theses


     After 3.5 transformative years at a liberal arts college, you’re excited to write and present the culmination of all of your hard work: your senior thesis. As a Feminist/Gender Studies and English Literature double major, you chose to write your thesis on erotic Lesbian poetry in the 1800s. Naturally. However, the thought of explaining this […] More

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    Frank to Make Lady Friendly Taco Tuesday


     In a revolutionary announcement for women’s rights last Tuesday, The Frank Dining Hall director declared that Frank would soon be instituting “Lady Friendly Taco Tuesdays”. “After a year of women’s marches and the #metoo movement, we were truly inspired by the sheer force of women coming together from all over the world to fight for […] More

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    Edgy First Year Wondering Why There is No White Mentor Group


     Edgy CMC first year and Upper East Side resident Parker Williams stood up in front of his friend group Saturday morning at Collins brunch, loudly declaring his confusion over why there was no white mentor group at Claremont. “I mean, they have a mentor group for like, everybody else out there,” the brave, inspirational young […] More

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    Pomona First Years Cave and Just Go To Frank


     After spending the entire week repeatedly telling themselves and others that they would definitely be eating dinner at Scripps on Thursday, the friend group of three Pomona first years finally admitted at roughly 4:30 that they would probably just end up going to Frank. “We’re serious, we’re really going this time,” Samuel Ko, who only […] More

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    18 Reasons the CMS Track and Field Team Could Have Gotten Disbanded


     Look, we get it. Everybody fucks up once in a while. But it takes a lot to get your whole team suspended indefinitely. So what could have happened this weekend that actually caused the CMS Track and Field team to get temporarily shut down? Step aside, TSL, and let the capital-J Journalists do some investigative […] More

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    GA Apologizes for Letting Claremont Independent Social Experiment Go Too Far


     Following much debate and controversy, the Golden Antlers staff has decided that after five long years, it is time to confirm what many of you may have already suspected: the Claremont Independent was actually a social experiment that we now acknowledge went too far. Inspiration struck in the midst of an epic Golden Antlers staff […] More

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    Quick & Easy GA Guide to Dropping out of Clubs at the 5Cs


     Now that the semester is fully underway, students at the 5Cs are increasingly realizing that the five different clubs they joined at Turf week because the food lines were ridiculously fucking long and there was nothing better to do are no longer worth showing up to. To help out, the Golden Antlers compiled a nifty, […] More

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