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Printable 5C Valentines


 Here at the Golden Antlers we’re committed to getting you a date, or laid, or tenderly spooned (Tinderly spooned?), or whatever you’re into this Valentine’s Day. Here are some 5C geared Valentines that are 100% going to get you some this February 14th. Share them with someone special. 😉   -Frank Lyles PO ’17, Natalie

Sakai Rosters are Claremont’s Most Popular Online Dating Tool


 A new semester at the Claremont Colleges means new classes, new school supplies, and new sources of sexual hope and inevitable despair. Students across the 5C’s are preparing their new Slutty Insert-Party-Theme costumes for this weekend, updating their Tinders with new vacation pics, and employing the beginning of the semester’s most important online dating tool

New Study From Pew Research Center Confirms Everyone Is Doing Better Than You



 A recently released report from the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan American think tank based in Washington D.C., substantiated nationwide concerns that everyone is objectively better at life than you. The report was commissioned by the Chronicle of Higher Education to investigate all fourth year students in national, private, and state universities in the continental