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10 Things Definitely NOT to do with the CMC email chain

We strongly condemn the usage of all emails


 Yesterday, a great gift was bestowed upon the students of CMC: the gift of responsibility. As the story goes, an unwitting sophomore accidentally emailed a survey to the entire student body without BCC-ing anyone (in laymen’s terms: he started the biggest, most lit group chat in CMC history). What followed was a glorious, shockingly funny

Welcome New Golden Antlers Hires!

@The Rose, ours are better than yours


 Earlier in the semester, the Rose sent out an email informing the entire student body about their recent hires. As this organization is of the highest caliber among groups at the Claremont Consortium, we decided here at the Golden Antlers, an equally high caliber group at the Claremont Consortium, that we should reply to their

The Golden Antlers Sue KLI Over Flashmob Competition

KLI, you have been served.


 September 21, 2017 This is an official notice that The Golden Antlers will be filing a lawsuit against The Kravis Leadership Institute for egregious misconduct during the “Hella Lit Flashmob Challenge 2K17” sweepstakes.  Although The Golden Antlers produced one (1) majestic, awe-inducing flashmob video in accordance with all of KLI’s official contest rules, the Kravis Institute

Letter to the Public


  Members of Claremont Colleges and the United States, You may have recently seen that President Donald J. Trump has claimed that our publishing establishment, The Golden Antlers, is fake news. We are truly saddened and hurt by these accusations, as we have done nothing but provide the truth, and only the truth, to all