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    Campus Security Starts Blog on Party Culture


     Sept 2, 2018 Campus Security is committed to fostering a positive, efficient, effervescent, ergonomic, responsible, no fun, lots of fun, fun zone for students, staff, and faculty. In an effort to establish a better rapport with the wider community, this year we’re starting a new blogging initiative to keep the community abreast of our actions […] More

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    Top 10 Things You Said You Were Going To Do, But Didn’t Over Thanksgiving


     1. Not mention politics at the dinner table Since the beginning of time, few things have been more ill advised than spurring aunt Cheryl into telling the whole family how a border wall will somehow resurrect Ronald Reagan. Instead, try discussing less contentious topics like local sports, the weather, and how thanksgiving is in essence […] More

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    5C For Sale/For Free Hall of Fame


     Join Hiram Chodosh for a wet t-shirt contest – $100 Throughout time there have been countless sex symbols from Marilyn Monroe to our glorious leader Jacks√≤n, but none compare to the ever-dreamy Hiram Chodash. That is why it caused unprecedented pandamonium when he offered to join him onstage for a wet t-shirt contest. Though usually […] More

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    10 Year Reunion Slowly Devolves into AA Meeting


     It started as a joyous affair. Classmates embraced each other after years of occasionally liking each other’s Facebook posts of their shitty kids. Small talk commenced about how somebody got a nose job and about how somebody tried to friend someone on HANDSHAKE last week. The football game was a blur that nobody cared about. […] More

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    The Official Unofficial GA guide to a PERM


     Trying to get into that overfilled CS5 which already has 100+ PERMs? Fear not, the Golden Antlers has prepared a list of sure-fire strategies for pushing your PERM request to the top, especially for those persnickety¬†professors who say “sorry, the space can’t physically fit you” or “you’ve failed every prerequisite to my class.” Here they […] More