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    Last Minute Halloweekend Costumes


     Halloweekend is approaching fast and let’s be honest, you haven’t put together three costumes yet for every night of regret. We here at the Golden Antlers understand that you don’t want to do a cliche outfit like a cat, lifeguard, or even the overused trash bag. So here’s a list of completely easy to make […] More

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    Pitzer Sophomore Preaches Amazing Health Benefits of Veganism, and Cocaine


     *The Golden Antlers sat down with Pitzer sophomore Nico Moses, a self-proclaimed health and lifestyle guru, this week to discuss tips and tricks to maintaining a healthy lifestyle at the 5Cs* Golden Antlers: So, Nico, thank you so much for sitting down and talking about your lifestyle and choices with us. We understand that your […] More

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    Why the Golden Antlers Hired Me


     On Friday, Sept. 29, I was invited into a secret Facebook group called “The Golden Antlers” which peddles in mediocre campus satire. This makes sense, because I applied to work (well, volunteer) for them. On the same day, my friends informed me that I had finally gained acceptance in their eyes as a humorous, fun-loving […] More

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    Roberts Pavilion to Become Arts Center


     Citing lack of enthusiasm surrounding the opening of the Roberts Pavilion, Claremont McKenna College announced today that, just in time for the beginning of the semester, the $50 million space will be converted into the Roberts Center for the Performing and Visual Arts. While there are early reports of dismayed reactions from the handful of […] More

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    Pitzer Student Activists Reach Record Number Of Facebook Likes


     Student activism reached a historic milestone this week when Pitzer sophomore Rebecca McAngel announced on Facebook that she was “excited that we have reached a record number of likes in response to our latest innovative, social media-driven initiative!” Pitzer students and faculty are still trying to process the uniquely impactful news. The “we” in McAngel’s […] More

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    Kravis to Become White Resource Center


     Claremont McKenna College has an exciting announcement for the upcoming school year. When the CMC Class of 2019 (Crescit Cum Culis Civitas) walks onto campus in the fall— bright-eyed, pastel-adorned, and with winter internship applications in hand— they will be greeted by the best that liberal arts money can buy: crisp academic buildings, stellar motel/dorm […] More

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    Mudd Seniors Vow to Redistribute Starting Salaries


     Harvey Mudd College is finally making good on its commitment to train “forward thinking scientists” who “have a clear understanding of their impact on society.” On Saturday, the Class of 2015 gathered around the fire pit at West Dorm and vowed together to take it upon themselves to end the vicious disease of Starting Salary […] More

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    Printable 5C Valentines


     Here at the Golden Antlers we’re committed to getting you a date, or laid, or tenderly spooned (Tinderly spooned?), or whatever you’re into this Valentine’s Day. Here are some 5C geared Valentines that are 100% going to get you some this February 14th. Share them with someone special. 😉   -Frank Lyles PO ’17, Natalie […] More

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    Exclusive: Tales from the SpoGro


     The GA has found evidence confirming what members of the other 5Cs suspected to be true all along: The Pomona College Sponsor Group system is actually a system of Sponsor Cults. The following entries are transcribed from an unmarked journal found recently under Marston Quad. All references to specific persons have been changed to be […] More

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    Senior Scripps Student Admits She Still Doesn’t Know What “Patriarchy” Is


     Just in time for the spring semester, as both the Classes of 2015 and 2018 begin longing for the simpler days, The Golden Antlers has a story sure to rock students’ preconceived notions harder than a PSU panel discussion on reverse racism. Gabby Mendel ’15 has come forward and admitted that, after three and a […] More