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Going Strange


 Going Strange: A Documentary Produced by Nova Quaoser & Jacksón Smith This all started when I was approached by a representative of a different organization who called themselves “the Visitors.”They told me that after the ASCMC scandal of 2014 they had formed to combat the Strangers cronyism on campus. They provided the vast majority of

Local Sports Team’s Privilege Threatened by The Truth


 BREAKING – CMS Boy’s Track and Field team declared war on Student Journalism after The Student Life posted literal facts about them. The TSL’s scathing report on the infamous “Rains Scandal” a couple months ago allegedly revealed the details of the event: roaming bands of scrawny, naked men manspreading across campus and looting decorative gym

ASCMC Kills Arbor Day Rager, Future Generations


 It was the shot heard all around CMC; a student proposed TNC event— highly anticipated Arbor Day countdown rager to be held on April 26th— was killed by a member of the ASCMC Executive Board for being “stupid.” Arbor Day, an international holiday celebrating the sanctity of trees, reverberates intellect. Only a simpleton of considerable proportions

18 Reasons the CMS Track and Field Team Could Have Gotten Disbanded

Brought to you by capital-J Journalists


 Look, we get it. Everybody fucks up once in a while. But it takes a lot to get your whole team suspended indefinitely. So what could have happened this weekend that actually caused the CMS Track and Field team to get temporarily shut down? Step aside, TSL, and let the capital-J Journalists do some investigative