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    Review & Critical Analysis: Pomona’s Midsummer Night’s Dream


     Pomona College’s spring production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Carolyn Ratteray, is nothing short of stunning. This comedic exploration of romance, jealousy, fate, and free will is set in a decaying urban landscape, the walls overgrown with vines and covered in graffiti. Rap and spoken word are effortlessly incorporated, as if Shakespeare’s verse […] More

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    The New Art Piece at Pomona College Museum of Art


     If you’ve paid a visit to Pomona College Museum of Art recently, you might have noticed something different. It’s subtle at first– black bits of plastic and metal on the floor, the smell of cucumber mint and creme brulee. As you make your way through the halls, sometimes stopping to closely observe one of Mickalene […] More