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Where the Fuck is Oldenborg?: A Pocket Guide for Seniors Who Still Don’t Know Where Things are After 3 Years


 I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve been here for so long already, after spending 3 years in Claremont, I know I can draw an exact map of each of the campuses and include the topography and geographical coordinates of important buildings on it.” But we all know that you spent too many nights crawling around

White Supremacists Find Love in “Claremont Independent” Comment Section


 While there’s been plenty of bad news both in Claremont and outside the bubble lately, today brought a bright announcement from the city of trees and PhDs. White supremacists William Joe Simmons and Jamie Colescott, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Cleveland, Ohio, respectively, today announced that they are planning to marry and reside in Claremont,