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White Supremacists Find Love in “Claremont Independent” Comment Section


 While there’s been plenty of bad news both in Claremont and outside the bubble lately, today brought a bright announcement from the city of trees and PhDs. White supremacists William Joe Simmons and Jamie Colescott, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Cleveland, Ohio, respectively, today announced that they are planning to marry and reside in Claremont,

Pitzer Student Activists Reach Record Number Of Facebook Likes


 Student activism reached a historic milestone this week when Pitzer sophomore Rebecca McAngel announced on Facebook that she was “excited that we have reached a record number of likes in response to our latest innovative, social media-driven initiative!” Pitzer students and faculty are still trying to process the uniquely impactful news. The “we” in McAngel’s

Yelp’s Top 6 Places to Cry On Campus


 We’re no stranger to YikYak (and whatever tomfoolery you youngins get into these days) and our reporters try to keep up to date to ensure that our readers receive quality, timely pieces.  Most recently we noted that many yakkers have expressed concern at a lack of quality places to cry at the 5Cs.  We also