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Donald Trump Withdraws From Presidential Race Following Scathing Facebook Post by Pomona Freshman


 Donald J. Trump, the billionaire businessman and frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, has suspended his campaign after reading a fiercely critical Facebook post written by Pomona freshman and brave hero Leopold Magnus Jr. In his blistering post, which received 14 ‘likes’ and one comment by a fellow student which read “Preach” or “Truth” or something,

White Student Announces Reverse Hunger Strike to Protest Reverse Racism


 Following last month’s protests by students of color, Allerton Buckley, a white student at CMC, has announced his intention to go on a reverse-hunger strike to protest reverse-racism at the Claremont Colleges. Buckley said that he hopes that his reverse protest will help highlight issues of the reverse-discrimination, reverse-microaggressions and reverse-marginalization that students of no

Crazed Man Arrested on Pomona Campus, Claims to be Presidential Candidate


 A man was apprehended by Campus Security on Saturday, September 12 near Frary Hall after several students reported his strange, erratic behavior. The caucasian male, assumed to be somewhere in his 50s and who reportedly claimed his name was “Martin O’Malley,” was observed handing out flyers and accosting students about his “presidential campaign.” Several students