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ASCMC Hires Actors as Stand-Ins for TNC


 Older students of CMC often claim that the acquisition of “Thursday Night Club” by ASCMC resulted in its slow but definitive demise. As the only college with bureaucratically regulated underage drinking, ASCMC stipulates that all TNC events comply with DOS safety guidelines. Students attribute these rules to a stifling of organic party culture, such as

CMC Increases Military Spending


 In a leaked budget for the 2018 – 2019 academic year, CMC projects an increase in military spending from $205,000 to $2.3 million. President Chodosh admits that the budget was first expanded to purchase drones, which arose from a misunderstanding. Several undercover agents had reported to the CMC administration that students were playing with drones

Exposed: President Chodosh Spent Thousands of CMC Endowment Funds Naming Stars After Himself


 As part of our ongoing journalistic efforts to hold the administrations of the Claremont Colleges accountable for their actions, The Golden Antlers has recently completed a multi-year audit of the finances of each of the five colleges. While we were pleased to find few significant irregularities in the Colleges’ spending, we discovered one recurring purchase,