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    A Frank Stream of Consciousness


     As investigative journalists dedicated to public service, we here at the Golden Antlers have bestowed it upon ourselves to expose the true nature of Frank’s dining hall at Pomona College (Claremont, CA 91711).  Here is a cesspool where normal human interaction ceases to exist but rather elicits the more carnal side of mankind. The Golden […] More

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    CMC to Remove Controversial Statue of Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet


     After weeks of furious debate, the Associated Students of Claremont McKenna College, the CMC Board of Trustees, and President Hiram Chodosh have come to a joint agreement for the removal of the infamous 40-foot-tall statue of the late Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet that stands in front of the Hub. Echoing a similar debate at Pitzer […] More

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    Dear The Student Life: Fuck You


     March 5, 2018 Dear the Student Life, Fuck you. We here at the Golden Antlers are disgusted by your behavior, actually not disgusted, we’re infuriated by your behavior. We try so fucking hard to get your attention, we’ve written numerous articles and letters addressed to you, we’ve influenced school elections, and we even gave the […] More

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    Grandparent Approved Theses


     After 3.5 transformative years at a liberal arts college, you’re excited to write and present the culmination of all of your hard work: your senior thesis. As a Feminist/Gender Studies and English Literature double major, you chose to write your thesis on erotic Lesbian poetry in the 1800s. Naturally. However, the thought of explaining this […] More

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    Pomona First Years Cave and Just Go To Frank


     After spending the entire week repeatedly telling themselves and others that they would definitely be eating dinner at Scripps on Thursday, the friend group of three Pomona first years finally admitted at roughly 4:30 that they would probably just end up going to Frank. “We’re serious, we’re really going this time,” Samuel Ko, who only […] More

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    5 Helpful Hints for Navigating Cuffing Season at the 5Cs


     Well folks, Valentine’s Day is today and that can only mean one thing—cuffing season is rearing to a close! Time for one last shot to turn in those tube tops for more sophisticated nighttime attire that might just help attract that ‘handsome, nice young man’ your grandmother has been lecturing you about since the fifth […] More

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    18 Reasons the CMS Track and Field Team Could Have Gotten Disbanded


     Look, we get it. Everybody fucks up once in a while. But it takes a lot to get your whole team suspended indefinitely. So what could have happened this weekend that actually caused the CMS Track and Field team to get temporarily shut down? Step aside, TSL, and let the capital-J Journalists do some investigative […] More

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    Dear Study Abroad Returnee: Reverse Culture Shock


     Dear Study Abroad Returnee, Welcome back! I hope your 3.5-5 months “studying” in another country was as amazing as your abandoned blog and numerous Instagram posts made it seem, because it’s all downhill from here. Not to fret, though, the GA has compiled this guide to help you re-integrate into the culture you never really […] More

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    Confessions of a Pomona Soft Boy


     My name is Daniel Horowitz and I am the head of Pomona’s Men In Charge of Helping Women Help Themselves and The Straight White Male Philosophy Club Leading Women Today for Tomorrow. As a member of an underrepresented minority at Pomona— the school is 51% women and 49% men according to hard data— my voice […] More

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     Recently, in perhaps the most CMC-y development of all time, the Career Services Center has introduced VMock – a cutting edge artificially intelligent big data bot that will read over your resume, give it a score out of 100, and tell you that you need more action verbs.  While we appreciate the fact that Career […] More

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    New Spring 2018 Course Offerings


     You may have noticed that the Course Catalog for this upcoming semester seemed a little light, and that’s because registrar completely forgot to add a couple classes before it went live. So instead of wallowing in self pity because you can’t satisfy any of your major or GE requirements, make sure to add these classes […] More

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