CMC Adds Networking Trip to Juarez, Mexico


EDIT: The Golden Antlers deeply regrets the insensitivity in this article. We now recognize the mistake we’ve made in making light of such a fraught a disgraceful problem. We acknowledge that in using the plight of Juarez in this light hearted joke, we are willfully ignoring the role American border and immigration policies play in creating the exact circumstances deployed in this joke. We thank all of those people who have expended their emotional and intellectual labor to show us our mistakes, and we deeply apologize that we put you in a position in which you needed to do so. We are taking measures to evaluate how this article ended up pitched and published by the GA. While we hope moving forward this article will not represent us, we take responsibility for posting it and will leave it up to remind us and our community how much farther we have to go to be allies to those around us.

After successful networking trips to San Francisco and New York, CMC’s Office of Student Opportunity has decided to add a Spring Break trip to network in Juarez, Mexico. During this trip, CMC students had the opportunity to talk and network with innovators and entrepreneurs. As Juarez is becoming a massive hub for international drug smuggling, it will provide valuable hands-on opportunities for students at CMC looking to break into an emerging and competitive field. When asked about the decision to add this destination, Jane Smith, head of CMC’s Career Services, told the Golden Antlers that “there is a massive opportunity for CMC students to become innovators and entrepreneurs in a massive and constantly expanding market; we’d be crazy not to give our students a chance to be apart of it.”

Down in Juarez, the Golden Antlers were able to talk to Chapo Guzman, co-founder and CEO of Sinaloa LLC, to understand the demand for CMC students and how their personal business acumen will flourish. In regards to tightened border control under the Trump administration, ‘El Chapo’ told us that his company “needs problem solvers and solution-oriented employees to come up with new methods to transfer large amounts of drugs across the border.”

Last summer, Jake Bennington CMC ‘21 interned for Sinaloa LLC and was able to shed some light into his valuable experience and what he took from this opportunity. He loved the chance to finally work “on the supply side of the drug market,” outside of selling Adderall to his friends which “gave him a whole new perspective on the industry.” When talking about about the structure and upward mobility, Jake told us how “Sinaloa LLC holds loyalty above everything else, and they questioned if I was going to be a snitch during my exit interview. Because of this I gained a lot of knowledge that will definitely boost my resume for future employers.”

Somehow, all of this hasn’t earned the attention of the DEA and most likely won’t because they are actually in the pocket of Robert Day Scholars.


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