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CMC Men Bewildered Upon Discovering Snapchat is Not Just For Dick Pics

Snap Chat Dick Pics: it's the thought that counts

Mike Riva ’13 had a confusing interaction with his girlfriend Sunday, reports The Golden Antlers. “She Snapchatted me a picture of a rainbow,” Mike recalls. “At first I thought it might be a picture of her tits painted a bunch of different colors, but… it was just a rainbow.” He proceeded to “do the only sensible thing”: send a picture of Mini-Mike. Mike told The Golden Antlers, “Amber called me and started gettin’ pissed about gettin’ a picture of my dick at brunch with her friends, but I was like, ‘Why would you Snapchat me if you didn’t want a dick pic?!'”

This experience is not uncommon among Claremont McKenna College men. The Golden Antlers has encountered dozens of similar anecdotes over the past month.

Snap Chat Dick Pics: it’s the thought that counts

For those of you who don’t know, “Snapchat” is the iPhone App that allows users to send a picture, which appears for a few seconds on the recipient’s phone. Originally designed for sexting, its 10 million users employ Snapchat to send funny images amongst their friend group. Sexually suggestive pictures only comprise six percent of photos shared on Snapchat, but make up nearly 96 percent of Snapchats sent by male CMC students.

Becca Levinson ’15 and Kira MacDonell ’14 sent fellow CMC student Braden Powell a Snapchat of themselves wearing his t-shirt. “He left it in Becca’s room, so we thought it’d be funny if we sent him a photo of us both wearing the shirt,” Kira explained. Becca interjected, “But then he Snapchatted a picture of his penis! Which was like, ew, no thank you”. Braden proceeded to send the girls a text saying, “3way?” The girls were reportedly not amused. Oblivious, Braden played Halo while he waited for Becca and Kira to arrive. Braden told us his side of the story: “I don’t get it–they sent me a Snapchat but, like, didn’t want to hook up. So weird.”

The Golden Antlers promises to keep readers up-to-date on this dick pic epidemic. And please stop sending us Snapchats of your genitalia.  The editorial staff finds that it is not conducive to high-brow journalism.

– Ari Saperstein ’15 Pitzer


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