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CMC Removed from Niche College Ranking after Sending Bribe to be Higher Ranked on Top Party Schools List


Scripps College recently lost its spot on the U.S. News & World Report 2019 best colleges list after it misreported data. But Scripps isn’t the only Claremont College in trouble for attempting to improve their ranking score. CMC recently lost its’ spot on Niche’s college ranking for Top Party Schools after trying to bribe Niche with a combined sum of $1.456 million.

After ranking #330 last year, Claremont McKenna College Dean of Students realized that this number poorly reflected upon their reputation among prospective students so they reached out to alumni for donations to help CMC rebuild their status as the “Best Party School without Frats” and lock in a higher spot on the list.

In just four days, CMC had already surpassed the million-dollar mark thanks to a group of financial analysts that lived on Green Beach at some point in their 5 years at CMC. Administration attempted to quickly divert this money to a guy named Nathaniel who works at Niche, but he decided to snitch and took them off the list entirely.

“It’s a bummer to see the lack of recognition CMC gets for the bangers that they host on the daily. The only reason I go back for Alumni weekends and reunions now is to experience the unthinkably rowdy and illustriously rambunctious party scene that CMC produces for the personal growth and integrity of their students,” says Thomas Miller CMC ’14. 

From parties like TNC to Casemas, it is clear to students why CMC deserves a higher ranking on the party school list. “It is unfortunate that CMC will not be recognized on Niche’s Top Party School list their upcoming year, but we understand why the decision was made,” a CMC administrator told the Golden Antlers. “This is just a reminder to us that money has a lot of power, but it also comes with a great deal of consequences.”


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