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CMC Reports Women are Overrepresented at Scripps College


One of Southern California’s most prestigious political research institutions, the Rose Institute at Claremont McKenna College, recently released year-end research on diversity statistics in neighboring places of higher education. In the latest report, the Rose has taken particular interest in the neighboring community of Scripps College.

This report, filled with 2 pages of cutting-edge political statistics including many pie charts and several bar graphs, highlights an excess of female representation at Scripps. The women’s college at the 5Cs, according to the report, also has high concentrations of Nicholas cage look-alikes, verifiable lizard people, as well as rabid squirrels.

The research includes recommendations to ameliorate such overrepresentation, including enrolling fewer women, creating its’ own police department, and mandating courses on economic liberalism.

Warning the general public of such representation issues spreading to other colleges, the Rose charts this as a primary political issue in the Claremont area.

James Franklin CMC ‘21, a student representative from the Rose commented on the report, “Honestly the overrepresentation of women at Scripps is truly a pressing issue that needs to be addressed. I mean, there’s too many girls here for our parties in North Quad. It’s definitely affecting the community and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.”

A group of researchers have started taking matters into their own hands. Follow @theroseinsitute for further related cutting-edge updates on the study.


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