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CMC Sophomores Win Hult Prize With JUUL That Mines Bitcoin


Team of CMC Sophomores Become Hult Prize Regional Finalists

Claremont McKenna College has always tried to encourage entrepreneurship that not only makes bank, but benefits society. For this year’s Hult Prize competition, one team of CMC sophomores has taken this idea to new heights.

Students Randy Kraft, Pete Roomba, Matt Josh, and Rick Cheek (all CMC ‘20) advanced through the rounds of the Hult Prize competition by creating and refining an innovative, original, and socially beneficial product: a JUUL vaporizer that, with each hit, mines cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (or even The Golden Antlers proprietary cryptocurrency, CUCkoin).

The students pitched their product as a solution to global poverty, as each hit allows the user to create almost $7,000 (per bitcoin value as of 3/29/18), subject to fluctuations in the value of bitcoin. Furthermore, they say there product will reduce global hunger, as extended JUUL use reduces appetite and causes mild nausea.

In an homage to the college at which it was created, this unique JUUL offers compatible pods in only one flavor–Natty Lite. This is expected to be a boon to its popularity worldwide, as the flavor of Natural Lite is universally beloved.

At the regional round of the Hult prize competition, which took place in San Francisco earlier this month, the students dazzled a panel of judges with a demonstration of their product, displaying their JUUL’s unique wealth-creating abilities, along with some sick smoke rings. This presentation earned them a place among the regional finalists, and will take them to the Hult Prize Global Accelerator this summer in a castle at an undisclosed location overseas, where they will have the chance to build a more advanced prototype of their product.

In seemingly unrelated news the value of bitcoin has crashed after a demo of the product was released.


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