CMC Statistics Released for 2015-2016 School Year


Over the course of the 2015-2016 academic year, Claremont McKenna College has been keeping track of numerous statistics related to campus life and well-being to keep track of progress over the years. Below are the notable statistics released by CMC:

9.4% of 2016 CMC applicants were accepted


2120 was the average SAT score of the class of 2019


117 freshman complained that they miss the “old CMC”


7 trees from the Brazilian rainforest go to printer sheets that state your name and graduating class


4 computers in Ryal computer lab are not working per week on average


19 freshman wipe out on their skateboards each week


114 chickens are served daily at Collins Dining Hall


3 layout changes at the Hub to solve the “Why does everyone steal our overpriced food?” problem


$5,670,345 paid in dorm damages ($74 spent in Stark Hall)


110 students on average drinking off campus on Thursday nights in response to the usual “Come get your Domino’s pizza and leave Crown Hall TNC”


5 hours it would take to fix the portal so you can use the back button


1,035 textbooks fully paid for that were never used once


17 cases of the flu misdiagnosed as pregnancy (males included)


6 students declared for the finance sequence due to “guac being extra”


1 bold student had the audacity to follow his dreams and change his major from economics-accounting to economics with a finance sequence


9 students given sponsored internship money……everyone else on the waitlist


59 students who wanted to take study abroad classes in English but be in Europe so they went to Copenhagen or London


0 new parking spots added, despite more students with cars than ever


102 students left on campus during Coachella weekend one


And last:


7 internship opportunities on Claremont Connect that were not investment banking, management consulting, auditing, investment banking auditing, auditing consulting, or management bank investing


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