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Course Offerings for SP2020 Registrar Forgot to Add


With the Spring semester quickly approaching, every student at the Claremont colleges has only one thing on their mind: what classes are they going to take next semester. Last night, classes were released on the portal, however it seems that the registrar forgot to add classes that are being offered! We at The Golden Antlers have obtained an exclusive list of some of the many courses available next semester so you know all the classes available next semester.

PHIL 123 PO – Theoretical Frameworks of Imaginary Knowledge Systems

MS 420 PZ – There’s Something About Mary-Jane: Stoner Culture and Late Night Comedies

ARHI 476 PO – Sandals, Tunics, & the Met Gala: The Fashion Industry of Ancient Rome

HIST 098 SC – The Women’s Movement in Edwardian Era Sweatshops

RLST 34 SC – God is a Woman, and Other Realities of the Bible

CLAS 120 PO – Olive Oil and Lube in the Age of Socrates

ENGR 87 HM – How to Build the ‘Borg: A Crash-Course in Brutalist Architecture

PHYS 69 KS – The Physics of Sex in the Kube

EA 203 PZ – Tree Fucking and Conservation

RLST 103 PO – Queering Jesus’ Disciples

ECON 80 CM – Introductory Insider Trading

ANTH 109 CM – Aesthetics of WASP Culture

MUS 99 PO –  Elementary Theories of Lizzo

FGSS 22 SC – Feminist Theories in Late Medieval Jousting Competitions

POLI 18 SC – Elementary Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Theory

CLAS 92 CM – Aesthetics of Late Greek Phallic Art

PE 32 HM – Dodgeball for Nerds

RLST 36 PO – Gelt and Guilt in the Gilded Age: Jewish-American Culture in the 1880’s

ARHI 108 SC – Feminist Interpretations of Mesopotamian Woodblock Printing

PSYC 42 PO – Edmunds Ballroom Bathrooms, Honnold Mudd Library Basement, The Froutt Lobby: The Effect of Liminal Spaces in Claremont on the Psyche of our Collective Community

MS 033 PO – Pretentious Theories of the French New Wave

ANTH 154 PZ – Variations in Softboy Culture: Pitzer, Pomona, and CMC

CORE 004 SC – Suffering: you thought you were free [REQUIRED FOR ALL SCRIPPS STUDENTS]

PSYC 083 HM – Psychological Manipulation and Deceit to Stack your Friend’s Cup

PSYC 120 SC – The Basics of CBT… no… the other CBT 

ART 129 PZ – Smoking Apparatuses and the Ceramic Wheel

PSYC 139 SC – Psychology of Living in Froutt

ARHI 192 PZ – Controversial Illustrations of the Free Wall  

PSYC 120 PO – “What’s the deal with that?!”: What Seinfeld Tells us about Mood Disorders

PHIL 132 PO – The Problem with Problematizing Problematization

POLI 333 PZ –  Refuting the Political Polarization and Rejuvenating the Radical Center: Why You Can Suck Jill Stein’s Dick

ECON 509 CM – CBD, Lube, & My Asshole: What Brings Them Together, and What Tears Them Apart 

ART 369 PZ– Sexually Arousing Cacti, Advanced/Honors/Accelerated

PO ID001 – AP U.S. History

BIOL 134 PZ – The Communal Fridge and Death

SOC 325 PO – VSCO Girls and Other Systemically Oppressed Minorities 

MS 56 PO – Intro to Psych (the TV show)

PHIL 20 HMC In-Person Communication


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