Crazed Man Arrested on Pomona Campus, Claims to be Presidential Candidate


A man was apprehended by Campus Security on Saturday, September 12 near Frary Hall after several students reported his strange, erratic behavior.

The caucasian male, assumed to be somewhere in his 50s and who reportedly claimed his name was “Martin O’Malley,” was observed handing out flyers and accosting students about his “presidential campaign.”

Several students reported being frightened and disturbed by their encounters with the man.

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“It was so strange,” said Gerald Tan, sophomore PO, “He kept saying his name was Martin O’Malley and that he was running for president. He asked if he could count on my support. I tried to just keep walking and look away, but he kept following me.”

Google searches of “Martin O’Malley” and “Martin O’Malley presidential campaign” yielded no results, and a Facebook group titled “Martin O’Malley for President 2016” had only one member–“Martin O’Malley” himself. The Golden Antlers was unable to confirm the existence of a Martin O’Malley presidential campaign, or even of any man bearing the name.

Several CMC government professors also expressed skepticism about the man’s claims.

“To the best of my knowledge, there is no such presidential candidate as Martin O’Malley, and there never has been,” said Professor Andrew Busch, chairman of the CMC government department. “Clearly this man is very delusional, and I hope he is able to get the help he needs,” Busch added.

Campus security removed the man, whose actual identity remains unknown, and are currently deciding whether or not to file harassment charges against him. Reports of a second such man, this one calling himself “Bobby Jindal” could not be confirmed.

-by Sam Fraser CMC ’19

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