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Donald Glover “Super Pissed” about Party Inform, Danny Glover Equally Offended


In response to an e-mail blast sent out to Claremont McKenna College students at approximately 11:37 pm PST labeled “Party Inform!” Donald Glover (AKA Childish Gambino) called The Golden Antlers to express his extreme disappointment in being confused with Danny Glover.

The e-mail is reproduced here:

The Golden Antlers would like to  make it clear, on behalf of Childish Gambino, that Danny Glover and Donald Glover are two entirely different people and you are all a bunch of racists for getting them confused. (Even if you have The Wire in your Netflix queue.)

Presumably Donald Glover’s father.

Said Gambino, “I have worked all winter, I will not fail to bitch slap you.”  He proclaimed that if he was insulted in such a manner one more time, he would neglect to trot his short-short-clad butt down to Bridges Auditorium Saturday night. However, Gambino did apologize for asking that his fans “drop it like a NASDAQ,” and noted that he understands that it “was a very loaded and offensive thing to say” to CMC students.

Gambino was clearly distraught in his telephone conversation with The Golden Antlers and complained “I mean, how hard is it to Google my fucking name?” “I wanted you to know,” concluded Gambino “that I am ready to go…go perform at UCLA where they appreciate my hipster ass, that is.”

Danny Glover, whose recent credits include made-for-TV movie Hannah’s Law, noted that he would perform live at Bridges Auditorium for “twenty dollars, or fifteen…or honestly just busfare.”

– Clancy Tripp ’15 CMC


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