Food for Worms: Five Recipes Even the Pickiest Worm Will Love


We know you’re sick of hearing your worms shout for decaying roots and leaves every night for dinner, so we compiled some tried and true recipes to get your worms eating a variety of healthy foods. 

  1. Dirt. 

That’s right, we’re talking a little topsoil action. Even your most fussy little worm can’t resist some nice, moist dirt. And don’t be bothered about getting the brand name stuff, generic dirt from your flower boxes will be plenty to win over your worm. 

  1. Mulch. 

This one is nice and easy, to accommodate your weeknight hustle. Throw some mulch in the microwave for about twenty seconds, place it in a pile in your backyard and watch those picky worms go to town! 

  1. Soil. 

The trick to feeding your worm soil is how it’s prepared. There aren’t many worms who would be impressed by some basic, unseasoned soil. To get them excited about eating this nutrient rich food, try flavoring it with sediment and a very fine layer of gravel. Dig through your local pothole and you’ll be sure to find plenty to jazz up your worm’s dinner. 

  1. Manure. 

You might be hesitant to try this one, as it’s a bit more complicated. Anyone who’s cooked for a worm before knows that manure tends to smell if it’s left out too long – about five seconds or so. But, if you get it right, your worms will devour all the manure they can wiggle their way through, and cry out for seconds! 

  1. Loam

For the last recipe on this list, we’ve got something a bit different. Every little worm is a bit sluggish in the morning (pardon the comparison), so why not give them a breakfast that will put a pep in their step? We promise your worm will love chowing down on fresh loam. And, because loam is so loamy, it will fuel your worm in no time, giving it a bit of extra energy that can make the difference between getting all the way across the sidewalk, and getting smushed by a person walking on that sidewalk. 


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