Fun Alternatives to Racist Halloween Costumes:


We get it, you’re not a racist. You just like to dress like one for Halloween. Whether it’s a “sexy squaw,” a “bootylicious bellydancer,” a “provocative persecuted population,” or that one white guy I met in the Hub last year who told me he was “70% Mexican” when I called him out on his racist costume, dressing up as members of other cultures is all the rage these days. However, some people object to these fun costumes on the grounds that they’re “offensive” and “dehumanizing”.

So this year, when you’re deciding whether or not to wear a racist costume, consider these fun and sexy alternatives:

  1.  Instead of wearing a “sexy Native American” costume, why not dress as… A pile of trash! It would probably be a more accurate depiction of your personality.
  1. Bros, if you’re planning to wear a poncho and mustache to dress as a “Mexican Muchacho,”  consider wearing… Your fucking pajamas and just staying home that night! No one wants your racist ass at their party!
  1.  Before you touch that brown face paint to make yourself look like a member of another race, why not try on… A shirt that says “I am a racist. Please throw eggs at me.”
  1. Before you dress as a stereotype or appropriate another culture, how about you… Dress as literally anything else! Anything at all! It’s really not that hard!

(On a serious note, please don’t appropriate someone’s culture for your Halloween costume. It’s not funny, cute, clever, or even a decent thing to do. For more information, contact Nyree Gray, Chief Civil Rights Officer, at


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