Golden Antlers Thankless Tech/Art Minion Application



In order to maximize its ability to fuck with Claremont as much and as often as desired, The Golden Antlers needs staff members with North Korea-level hacking skills and/or the ability to make art that doesn’t look like it was drawn by a drunk third-grader. Come to us, all ye filthy tech/art-savvy vermin.




College (bonus points for Harvey Mudd):




Please describe your experience in computering. How long have you known how to computer?


Please shit on PCs, macs, or both.


What do you do if turning it off and then on again doesn’t work?


Can you edit videos/what’s your plan to get us internet famous?


Can you harness the terrible monster demon that is WordPress?


Do you have graphic design/ drawing experience? If so please design us a Golden Antlers sticker, t-shirt, beer koozie, lower-back tattoo, something like that.


Demonstrate your photoshop skills by placing Liat Kaplan’s head on the body of an animal of your choice. A sample image is included below.


Please include a link to a funny gif.


Did you pronounce that gif or gif?


Instead of wages, how would you like us to pay you? Options include sexual favors, coupons, mediocre high fives, beer, and/or the guaranteed increase in how much you get laid once you start telling people you work for The Golden Antlers.
Please download, complete, then submit your response via email in PDF format to Note: Most people are shit at either computers or making things pretty, so if you can’t do everything don’t worry. We need both artists and techy peeps.


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