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Golden Antlers to Host “Welcome Back Dry Week Lingerie Party” for Class of 2017 at Senior Apartments


And you thought the Pitzer Luau was the most fun you could ever have in your whole damn life?  Well hold on to your sober horses kiddos because The Golden Antlers has got you covered! The annual Welcome Back Dry Week Lingerie Party takes place tonight at 9:30 PM in apartment 9C!! (Go through the old tennis courts, take a right, go all the way to the end and it’ll be on your left).

Just in case you thought we were going behind ol’ Vos’s back, think again!  It’s dry week so no booze for you babies, but if you’re lucky it will still be a wet campus.  Much like the other orientation events, only freshmen are welcome to attend (and senior males, for a small fee of $15).  Spread the word 2017ers, because we can’t wait to see your bright shining faces.  And neither can the class of 2014.  So bring your skimpy undergarments, your inhibitions, and your conscience because tonight’s gonna be a party you’ll never forget!  Seriously, you’ll never forget it.  We apologize in advance.

– Clancy Tripp CMC ’15

For more information about the Welcome Back Party hosted by The Golden Antlers, email otherwise we’ll see you there at 9:30 sharp!


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