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Good News: Standing Room Still Available in LA Hospitals


Due to Covid-19, hospitals in the Los Angeles area are adapting to fit the demand of their services. While many industries have been hit hard by the pandemic, hospitals across the world have proven that they can remain in business despite Covid-19. Hospitals in LA are doing exceptionally well with 100% of the beds in the intensive care units occupied. Everyone and their grandmother is trying to find a way to get in. In an interview with The GA, Agnes Smith, an 82-year-old woman with Covid-19, stated, “I am dying to go to the hospital.” 

The hype is real. Globally, many hospital beds go unused each day. However, the American medical system found a way to eliminate this wasteful phenomena. Imagine how much money foriegn medical institutions are losing every day on empty beds; but an unprecedented pandemic means unprecedented demand for hospital beds. Now is the chance for creative, free-market solutions to help create more supply. 

Some hospitals are allowing patients to stay in their standing room section, optimizing  efficiency. Medical personnel are proud to report there are many benefits to standing room beyond the obvious ability to treat more patients, forcing patients to stay on their feet is better for their cardiovascular system than lying around in bed all day. Among these benefits is time to practice good posture. Likewise, since people are standing, there are no awkward situations where you need to share an armrest with your neighbor. The only thing the patients need to share is a ventilator. American innovation will truly take your breath away.


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