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Grandparent Approved Theses


After 3.5 transformative years at a liberal arts college, you’re excited to write and present the culmination of all of your hard work: your senior thesis. As a Feminist/Gender Studies and English Literature double major, you chose to write your thesis on erotic Lesbian poetry in the 1800s. Naturally. However, the thought of explaining this to your grandparents (while avoiding giving them heart attacks) is anxiety inducing. Here at the Golden Antlers we’ve come up with some alternate fake thesis titles that are grandparent friendly, and just complicated enough that they won’t ask any questions. You’re welcome.


Real Thesis: Examining Erotic Lesbian Poetry in 19th Century England

Grandparent Approved: Examining Poetry by Really Close Female Roommates Who Wrote Completely Platonic Poems to Each Other in 19th Century England


Real Thesis: Kink and the Leather Community in Los Angeles

Grandparent Approved: The Leather Community: The making of American Craft Belts and Wallets


Real Thesis: Are You There Netflix? It’s Me, Title IX: A Case Study on Aziz Ansari, Kevin Spacey, and Louis CK

Grandparent Approved: Bob Hope is the Best Comedian of All Time: An In-depth Analysis


Real Thesis: Gender Roles are a Social Construct: An Analysis

Grandparent Approved: Good Old Fashioned Family Values: A Traditional Approach


Real Thesis: All The Single Ladies: Why More Women Are Choosing to be Single Moms

Grandparent Approved: Pride and Prejudice is A Great Book: Why it’s Time for Old-Fashioned Romancing/Courting Etiquette To Make a Comeback


Real Thesis: Positionality and Paying for College: A Critical Race Theory Analytic

Grandparent Approved: Bankruptcy: A memoir.


Real Thesis: “Getting Trashed”, a Self-Ethnography on College Binge-Drinking Culture

Grandparent Approved: An Examination of the Early Modern English Coffeehouse and Alehouse as Part of the Broader Beverage Market


Real Thesis: The Evolution of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl and the Trope’s Effect on Cultural Gender Identity: Why Zooey Deschanel is Ruining Everything

Grandparent Approved: Why Joseph Gordon Levitt and his Vast, Hand-Knitted Sweater Vest Collection are The Perfect Match for your Granddaughter


Real Thesis: How Tinder has Completely F*cked Over Millennials Who Have No Hope Of Finding A Mate

Grandparent Approved: Tinder and Other Fire Starting Materials: An Analysis


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