Incoming Freshman Find Love in the Claremont Consortium 2021 Facebook Page


The end of August marks the time of the year where freshman begin moving in, as they are starting to navigate their college life, finding a sense of independence, and anxiously meeting all these new faces, hoping to find new friends. Ty Denaught CMC ‘21 is unlike most new students, as he has already found someone special off the Claremont Consortium Class of 2021 page. Denaught tells the Golden Antlers in an exclusive interview about how fortunate he was enough he was to find his future wife in the group.

“Honestly, I was so lucky to have been looking on the class page late Saturday night, after waiting 5 seconds for my request to join the group to get approved. I was scrolling through each of the posts in the feed, leaving likes and comments on multiple posts, hoping to find a group of people that want to go to the Lil Yachty concert in September or anyone else who is ‘really excited to meet everyone and make so many new friends’, when I came across this most life changing Facebook comment in my entire life.”

Mary Mead, an incoming freshman at Pitzer, commented on the music suggestion thread saying “My favorite artists are Chance the Rapper, Chainsmokers, Lorde, I have so many more!!! Hit me up if you want to go to any of their concerts with me!!”

“As soon as I saw that comment, I immediately clicked liked, and responded, ‘I love all of those too!! Have you ever heard of Flume, they’re pretty similar to all of those you listed,’” Denaught tells us. “As soon as she liked my comment back, I then added and stalked her on Facebook, snapchat, and instagram. I decided to then send her a dm saying, ‘Hey, I saw that you love Chance the Rapper, what do you think of Acid Rap as a mixtape?’ hoping to garner a response back.”

Mead told the Golden Antlers that before replying to the message, she went through all of his photos and posts, to see what kind of guy he is. “After coming across his pictures of him playing lacrosse, traveling to the Eiffel Tower, and dressing up as Woody for that one movie themed high school dance everyone has, I realized that I want to spend the rest of my life with him. He’s everything I want in a partner, chill, funny, and nice. I have fully acknowledged that I have been ready to settle down ever since he sent me his marriage proposal through a snapchat with the dancing hotdog filter.”

Both Ty and Mary are counting down the days until they are first able to meet on August 24th, when Mead returns back from her OA. Denaught and Mead plan on having a public ceremony in front of Malott commons that night; however, the reception is invite only, as guests had to respond with ‘Hell ya’ in a Facebook poll in the Claremont Consortium Class of 2021 page.


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