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OPINION: Stop Praising Lil Nas X When Macklemore Did it First

Macklemore is Gay

I think I speak for everyone that the erasure we’ve seen in the past few years has been total, uncompromising, and hostile. No longer do the sweet melodies of This Unruly Mess I’ve Made caress my ears in the checkout line at the bulk poppers warehouse. When I attempted to play The Heist at my super spreader circuit party, I was told to “turn that trash off” and “jump off a bridge.” 

Real fans, or at the bare minimum, HONEST PEOPLE, know that the pure paragons I’ve cited above are all albums by the great gay artist and queer elder, Macklemore (he/him). Fake fans and BAD PEOPLE have forgotten Macklemore’s legacy, primarily as a result of the upstart Lil Nas X’s rise to fame. 

Perhaps they’ve forgotten that before Lil Nas X was giving horses blowjobs or whatever, Macklemore was fighting for equality, championing queer voices, and getting his hole absolutely wrecked on the weekends. 

It’s no coincidence that in 2012, when Lil Nas X was still straight, Macklemore released the radical queer anti-capitalist anthem “Same Love”. I’ll quote my favorite verse below: 

When I was in the 3rd grade I thought that I was gay ’cause I was,

My uncle was too and I kept my room straight

I told my mom, tears rushing down my face, she’s like,

“Ben you’re so right you’re definitely gay”

Not only did this song turn Lil Nas X gay, but it also was COPIED almost word for word by Lil Nas X in his song “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)”. See below for reference: 

I’ve been gay since the third grade when I knew I was gay, 

My aunt is also gay (she’s a woman so she’s a lesbian) 

I told my dad, crying really hard and blowing my nose, he said, 

“You are gay Lil Nas X”

Almost a carbon copy, right down to the syllables. It’s shameful. Only three years after Macklemore released “Same Love,” gay marriage was legalized in the United States. At a press conference, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is actually dead now after getting old and dying, said that in the closing arguments, the lawyers in charge of gay marriage quoted “Same Love.”

“Those funky hip hop beats and homo rhymes were what truly convinced me to support the gays,” said Ginsburg. “When I heard that Macklemore said ‘call eachother f**gots behind the keys of a message board,’ I knew the gays deserved to marry.” 

We owe Macklemore an inconceivable debt. What he has done for this country, for the queer community, and for the world as an out and proud gay man living in an era when gay marriage was a thing that was not legal and was actually illegal, is impossible to quantify. It makes me sick to see Lil Nas X blatantly stealing Macklemore’s art, style, and sexuality. Even worse, Lil Nas X fails to acknowledge Macklemore for creating his own genre of music: hip hop. What is Lil Nas X gonna steal from Macklemore? Feminism? If Lil Nas X wants to save his career, he needs to do the right thing and pay Macklemore upwards of 30 dollars in financial reparations.


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