Mueller Indicts 13 Russian Nationals, Hiram Chodosh

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller, special counsel on the Russian investigation, leaves following a meeting with members of the US Senate Judiciary Committee at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on June 21, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

(Claremont, CA and DC, Washington): BREAKING…Special Counsel Robert Mueller has proceeded with criminal indictments of 13 Russian nationals and President of Claremont McKenna College, Hiram Chodosh.

After months of intensive investigation, it was finally announced today that Robert Mueller, who was tasked with discovering the extent of foreign meddling in 2016 presidential elections, will bring formal charges against 14 people, including President Chodosh, following grand jury deliberations. It has long been suspected that Chodosh, and various accomplices in the KGB, had a hand in tipping the scales in a direction more favorable to their interests. Some claim that this led to Hillary Clinton not being elected President of the United States, as well as Jacksón C. Smith (CMC ‘18) not being elected CMC President of the Class of 2021.

Other high ranking officials at CMC could not be reached for comment, though it was immediately announced following the news that the school will remove the Election Meddling track from its Government major.

The GA, in conjunction with AP, will bring you more news as this story develops. We can all agree for now though, at least, that it’s real nice to finally see a President being held responsible for their actions.

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