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Oblivious Male in Feminist Film Class Reiterates “The Godfather is a Great Movie”


“The Godfather is a great movie, in fact, it’s one of the best” lauded Pomona junior John Stevenson to his classmates. Stevenson, ignorant to his overwhelmingly female classmates in SC MS 150 Feminist Film Herstory, continued to celebrate the 1972 film saying it was a triumph for high-brow American film. His classmates, who all simultaneously rolled their eyes at the clueless Pomona sophomore, attempted to continue with their discussion on the feminist classic film The Passion of Joan Arc, but were interrupted once again by Stevenson.

The self-titled film buff commented on the incredible cinematography and direction on display in the film, and also drawled on about how “fuckin’ sexy that one Italian chick” was. He made sure to highlight the significance behind minor details despite the fact that the film didn’t even pass the Bechdel test. Feeling as though his point still hadn’t been understood by his “unintellectual” classmates, Stevenson continued to celebrate the film by painstakingly explaining the entire plot to his classmates; even though they had already seen the film in introductory media studies classes.

The tipping point for Stevenson’s classmates, was when he called The Godfather a watershed moment for Italian-American representation in mainstream film. Eliciting loud groans from his more aware classmates, Stevenson was blocked out of the following conversation by professor Martha Scott as the class began to discuss how 9 to 5 starring Dolly Parton was a “feminist masterpiece.”

Stevenson, who seemed totally unaware of his intellectual dressing-down that had happened in class, was heard talking to some similarly dense friends about how great his class is. He hopes that they will study The Dark Knight in the future, as that film “is totally fucking awesome,” and that “there are totally a couple lady characters in it.”


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