Off-Campus Studies Announces New ‘Study Abroad Seattle’ Option


Claremont, CA

Are you tired of being the only person in your group of friends not from Seattle? Does it upset you that you associate “Washington” with “D.C.” and not the state? Were those beautiful skies just a little too clear this morning? Have you always wanted to burst a lung screaming “Go Hawks!” and really mean it? Do you not want to study abroad with half of the Claremont Colleges in Copenhagen, but still go somewhere where you can speak English? Do you want to watch sporting events with crowds larger than the amount of bones in your body? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then all your problems are now solved!

This past week, the Claremont Colleges have announced they will be allowing students to participate in an all-new and exciting abroad program in beautiful Seattle, Washington. “The Silicon Valley and D.C. programs have been a huge successes,” says Crispin Celery, Director of Off-Campus Study at CMC. “We wanted to have an additional domestic program for students not wanting to leave the United States. So, starting in the fall of 2016, students may study abroad at the University of Washington.”

When we asked Celery, “Why Seattle?” she replied, “Seattle is a beautiful city, and we felt it was unfair for students to experience the Bay Area culture in the Silicon Valley program, but not to be able to experience all of the amazing things that Washington has to offer. Sure, the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Gate, and the Amazon River are all amazing, but the Space Needle, the Gum Wall, and even the original Starbucks are up there with the rest of them. We also want students to discover that there is more to Seattle than just Macklemore, grunge, coffee, the Seahawks, and rain. Do I know what else there is? No. But I’m sure there’s more, and that’s what students are going to find out.”

It has also been revealed that Seattle was not an easy choice, barely edging out BYU, Detroit, and Scranton, PA.

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Students participating in this program will take classes at the University of Washington in Seattle, where they can take literally almost all of the same classes that the Claremont Colleges offer. However, UW still has several fascinating courses that the 5Cs do not, which include languages such as Bulgarian, Swahili, and Uzbek. Will your school accept credit for these? Probably not.

In addition to taking classes at UW, students will take part of the internship program, Practical Career Preparation to gain experience in their respective field(s). Every computer science major will work for Microsoft and economics majors will work for local financial firms. Liberal arts majors, including those who specialize in literature and history, will work as baristas at Starbucks, so they will already have a semester of experience when they work there after graduating.

The Seattle Program offers several housing options; students may live in the dorms, rush a fraternity or sorority, or better yet, live in the house of a student at Bellevue High School currently applying to one of the 5Cs!

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We asked students on their thoughts about the program and if they are interested. Shawna Daniels (CMC ‘18) is ecstatic. “I’m so excited. Literally all of my friends are from the Bay or Seattle. Being from Reno, I just miss out on so much. I hear all about the culture and the city. All I want to do is put some Dick’s in my mouth!” (For the record, Dick’s is a popular fast-food restaurant in Washington. That being said, we could have in fact interpreted this incorrectly).

Bradley Michaelson (PO ‘18) says “I’m so relieved this is an option now. I don’t want to leave the United States, and the 49ers are going to be absolute garbage the next few years so maybe I can actually watch some good football while I’m abroad.”

Interested in going? Info sessions will be offered the first Sunday of each month in McKenna Auditorium at 11 am. With marijuana newly legal in Seattle and the DEA cracking down on CMC, apply soon. Spots are filling up faster than Dean Spellwoman can dial 9-1-1.

– Jack Gerstenberger CMC ’17 with minor comedic aid from Clancy Tripp CMC ’15


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